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Convoy of Hope Partners To Renovate Chicago Neighborhood

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Convoy of Hope was part of quite the neighborhood restoration, but the reach went beyond what can be seen — it unified people’s hearts.

“The facelift says to the children and parents in this West Side neighborhood of Chicago, ‘We are uniting with you and are invested in making your community better,’” said Convoy of Hope’s Steve Pulis.

The new digs outside an elementary school in Chicago have brought life to the area.

“This area was in disrepair, but now, it’s truly a gathering point,” Pulis said. “Kids come out here every day to play. We would’ve never thought five years ago that we could make this come together, but through our wonderful relationships and partnerships, here we are!”

It’s now the favorite hangout spot for students, their parents, and teachers alike.

In fall 2021, Convoy of Hope partnered with GR Clark Elementary School to renovate the kindergarten and pre-K entrance to the play area. The project had long been a pipe dream, but it became reality through Convoy’s generous donors and friends.

“We had been dreaming of repairing and remodeling the playlot area for many years,” said Dawn Kooistra, who helped coordinate the efforts. “[By] working together, the principal, the PTO president, neighbors, and churches — [all] alongside John Burns Construction — we were able to complete phase one of a multi-phase plan.”

The playlot has new landscaping, garden beds for the students, a re-painted fence, seating for the students to use at recess, and seats for parents waiting to pick up their kids.

Convoy’s partners, John Burns Construction and Christy Webber Landscaping, used their skills, expertise, and machinery to make this project successful. Phase one — renovating the entrance area — was completed over three workdays by members of the school, the community, various organizations, and other volunteers.

“When a group of businesses, organizations, government [entities], and churches collaborate and unite regularly, you will see a significant long-term impact in the city,” Pulis said.

Thank you for your generosity and investment in an area where people are in need of hope.


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