Response Updates

A New Life for Sheri

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope

Sheri and her family live at the base of a toxic garbage range in the Philippines. Their home is nothing but flimsy scraps of plywood, tattered sheets of plastic, and bamboo strips held together by rusty nails and ropes. This is no place for children — especially ones whose parents can’t afford to send them to school.

When we first met 7-year-old Sheri, she was undernourished and sad because she didn’t have food and wasn’t in school. She spent her days caring for her little brother and wondering if she would ever get to go to school.

Because of generous friends, Convoy welcomed Sheri into the Children’s Feeding program. Today, her health, life, and future are secure with daily meals, clean drinking water, and wonderful days in school. This newfound way of living has energized her and left a wide smile on her face. Convoy of Hope’s friends and partners have made a new life possible for Sheri.


In Lebanon, Convoy of Hope's help with urban #gardens and relief supplies has been a light in the dark. #BeirutBlast #UkraineRelief