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Locusts Destroy Crops, but Convoy Plants Hope

Tanzania Reported by Convoy of Hope

In late 2021, Tanzania experienced devastating swarms of locusts that decimated the crops many communities depended on for food and destroyed pastures people used to feed their livestock. 

“Unfortunately, the eruption of locusts destroyed the crops,” explained Wilfrida Roman, a nutritionist with the Convoy of Hope team in Tanzania. “As a result, this caused food insecurity because of the low production of maize.” 

But even amid the swarms and loss, the generosity of Convoy’s partners allowed teams to return to affected communities and plant new seeds. Thankfully, Convoy of Hope was already operating in four districts near the hard-hit city of Arusha when the locust infestation intensified.

“Today, we are supporting more than 500 households with maize, which they will be using for three months,” said Wilfrida. “We thank Convoy of Hope and the local church for responding to this by providing a manner whereby we have maize to distribute to these households that are food insecure.”

Convoy intervened by providing food rations and training to more than 2,700 people, many of which were children.

Your generosity continues to plant seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for your compassion to meet the needs of those in Tanzania.


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