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All About Hurricane Nigel

Reported by Convoy of Hope

The name “Nigel” is making its first appearance on the World Meteorological Organization’s list of cyclone names in 2023 (replacing the retired “Nate” on the 2017 list).

Consequently, there have been no historical hurricanes named Nigel. A hypothetical Hurricane Nigel has been posted on a gaming website for 2023, but no such storm yet exists.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Nigel affected Vanuatu and Fiji in 1985.

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If a Tropical Storm Nigel, the 14th potential tropical storm of this season, is identified and tracked by the national weather services, communities in its path will need to consider Nigel’s impact and what precautions they should take. Whether or not Nigel becomes a hurricane connects directly to its wind speed.

Any named storm is a form of tropical cyclone, a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms originating over tropical or subtropical waters and having a closed low-level circulation.

Early on, as a tropical depression, the circulation has sustained wind speeds of less than 39 mph. Tropical depressions are not given names but are tracked to see if they are growing into tropical storms or hurricanes. If Nigel’s sustained wind speed reaches 39 mph, it will be classified as a tropical storm and its name will be released. Nigel will be reclassified as a hurricane if that wind speed reaches 74 mph.

Whether as a tropical storm or a hurricane, Nigel will merit careful attention to determine its potential threat to lives and property.

When Was Hurricane Nigel?

Although there is no historical Hurricane Nigel, Severe Tropical Cyclone Nigel developed in the South Pacific in 1985.

Where Did Hurricane Nigel Hit?

No Hurricane Nigel has yet made landfall, but the 1985 Nigel affected the islands of Vanuatu and Fiji.

What Category Was Hurricane Nigel?

There has yet to be a Hurricane Nigel, but the Category 3 Severe Tropical Cyclone Nigel in 1985 qualified as a major storm.

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What Time Will Hurricane Nigel Make Landfall?

There is no correlation between similarly named historic hurricanes, but people still ask, “What time did Hurricane Nigel make landfall?” when researching historic storms. To date, there is no Hurricane Nigel to study.

Should a storm be predicted to reach your region this hurricane season, be aware of the predicted landfall. You can put your life at risk if you wait until the last minute to reach a safe area. This article will be updated as more details about 2023’s Nigel become available.

How Many People Died in Hurricane Nigel?

When looking up historic storms, people often research the death toll. You might have wondered, “Did anyone die in Hurricane Nigel?”

Named cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Pacific are the same type of storm as named hurricanes in the Atlantic. Severe Tropical Cyclone Nigel caused 25 fatalities and major property damage.

What Was the Path of Hurricane Nigel?

Severe Tropical Cyclone Nigel moved about 2,000 miles west to east off the northeast coast of Australia.

Convoy of Hope & Hurricanes

Hurricane response has continued to be a priority for Convoy of Hope since it responded to its first storm in 1998.

Every year, Convoy’s Disaster Services team follows weather updates closely after a hurricane is named.

How it Works:

  • • Days before a predicted landfall, Convoy’s trucks head to the affected area with resources for planned distribution points once the danger has passed.
  • • Once onsite, volunteers help Convoy team members prepare a distribution point, usually a local church.
  • • Pallets of supplies strategically positioned across the parking lot are ready for the lines of cars that will form.
  • • On a distribution day, people from across the community will receive groceries, bottled water, bags of ice, cleaning supplies, and other resources desperately needed following a storm’s impact.

Hurricane Ian smashed across central Florida on September 28, 2022, with sustained winds of 155 mph. By October 6, Convoy of Hope had served more than 17,000 survivors with the help of nearly 500 volunteers.

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