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All About Hurricane Francine

Reported by Convoy of Hope

The official list of potential hurricane names for the 2024 hurricane season show Francine in the sixth slot.

Major Atlantic storms get their names from a list originated and recycled every six years by the World Meteorological Organization.

You can see the list of hurricane names here.

Francine is making a debut appearance in 2024. If a hurricane proves to be especially destructive to lives and property, its name can be retired.

In 2018, Hurricane Florence caused such extensive damage and loss of life across the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia that the name Florence was retired and will never be used again.

Hurricane Ophelia

Francine became the designated name to fill Florence’s spot.

Whether Francine becomes a tropical storm or a hurricane during the 2024 hurricane season will depend on its wind speed. All named storms are a form of tropical cyclone, a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has a closed low-level circulation.

As a tropical depression, early in a cyclone’s development, wind speeds are less than 39 mph. Tropical depressions are not named but are tracked in case they grow into tropical storms or hurricanes. Francine’s classification as a tropical storm and the release of its name would happen when its sustained wind speed reaches 39 mph.

If that speed reaches 74 mph, Francine will be a hurricane.

When Was Hurricane Francine?

If you’re wondering, “When did Hurricane Francine hit?” or “What year was Hurricane Francine?” you won’t be able to find any actual storm by that name.

However, will tell you all about an imaginary storm.

Where Did Hurricane Francine Hit?

Hurricane Francine, in the imagination of some online writers, is listed as reaching peak strength north of Puerto Rico, but no landfall is described.

As the 2024 hurricane season develops, communities with a history of hurricane impacts will be watching for the latest updates on Atlantic cyclones. If you live in a region at risk of hurricane damage, be sure to follow the weather closely whenever a storm is named.

What Category Was Hurricane Francine?

The imaginary Hurricane Francine was a Category 5 storm billed as “the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.”

What Time Will Hurricane Francine Make Landfall?

If you research the time of any historic storm’s landfall, that information will not prepare you at all should Francine become a significant storm in 2024.

Stay up to date with any current storm predicted to reach your region and be aware of that specific storm’s estimated landfall.

With any severe storm, don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to reach a safe area.

This article will be updated as more details about 2024’s Francine become available.

How Many People Died in Hurricane Francine?

With Francine making its debut appearance on the Atlantic list of potential named storms, there are no storms named Francine that have caused loss of life historically.

What Was the Path of Hurricane Francine?

A very common path for a hurricane begins off the western coast of Africa, with a tropical depression often developing into a tropical storm and hurricane as it crosses the Atlantic toward the Caribbean.

Pay attention if any storm grows strong enough to earn the name of Francine and be aware of the various predicted paths it might follow.

Convoy of Hope & Hurricanes

Category 4 Hurricane Idalia which made landfall on August 30, 2023, at Keaton Beach in Florida’s Big Bend area with wind speeds of 125 mph.

Within two weeks, Convoy of Hope had served tens of thousands of people in the disaster zone, ensuring they received essential relief supplies like food, water, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies.

Each hurricane season, Convoy’s Disaster Services team follows weather updates closely to monitor storms that might call for a response in an affected region.

Hurricane Idalia Response
In response to Hurricane Idalia in 2023, Convoy of Hope distributed more than 129,000 pounds of relief supplies in hard-hit Perry, Florida.

Once a response is set in motion, volunteers and team members pack food, water, cleaning supplies, and more before a convoy of trucks leaves the organization’s World Distribution Center.

Volunteers and Convoy team members offload and strategically position pallets of supplies. On a distribution day, lines of cars form to receive groceries, bottled water, bags of ice, cleaning supplies, and other resources desperately needed following a storm’s impact on a community.

When a community’s needs are long-term, Convoy may develop a recovery response.

Convoy teams distributed groceries, hot meals, and home goods. At recovery events like these, insurance specialists and mental health professionals provide legal aid, talk people through insurance difficulties, and offer emotional care.

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