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Torn to Triumphant: Miranda’s Story

Nicaragua Reported by Convoy of Hope
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Miranda once owned a small shop in Nicaragua where she sold food, perfume, and other goods to support her three children. When the global economy took a turn for the worse, her business went under. Her husband could only work small odd jobs, and the family quickly accumulated thousands of dollars in debt.

When her morale and financial stability were at an all-time low, Miranda felt like her only option was to pawn her house or else lose it entirely. It was then that Miranda first heard about Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program.

After joining, Miranda found the community and opportunities she needed to thrive. She learned how to sew, participated in business training, and gained an appreciation for who she is despite her circumstances. Miranda’s parents were both seamstresses, so she took to the skill very quickly.

“I was learning while I saw them in their trade,” she said. “And I have been impressed to see what I have been able to do — something that I had never done in making clothes,” she said.

Upon the completion of her classes, Convoy of Hope provided Miranda with the materials she needed to start a business making and selling clothes. Since she started her business, she has paid off her debts and provided well for her family. 

“I am grateful to the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment team, who has given us help to move forward,” Miranda said. “Also, I would like it to be a story for women to see that we cannot remain stagnant, but also that we can advance, and grow, become better people, and good mothers. And being entrepreneurial women, being hard-working women, we can cover all our needs.” 

Thanks to your generosity, Miranda and tens of thousands of women like her have had the opportunity to start new lives and influence others in their communities. To contribute to Convoy of Hope in helping women around the world begin new chapters, click here.


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