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Makena Goes to the Market

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope
Makena in the market

Makena starts her day at the Ewuaso Market in her home country of Kenya. Metal saucepans reflect the beams of sunlight peeking through the shade trees above as neatly packaged bowls, cups, and cooking utensils line tables at her quiet corner store.

She laughs and smiles with friends from the community. But Makena knows struggle.

Just eight months ago, she was staying at home to care for seven of her 10 children. Barely able to provide enough food for her family, she was in desperate need of a second chance — like the one she found in Convoy of Hope’s Economic Empowerment integrated strategy. 

Since completing Economic Empowerment, Makena started her own business to provide for her large family. Now, instead of staying home, she sells household goods and kitchenware at three weekly markets.

While a lot has changed for Makena and her family, one change stands out the most. “Now there’s plenty of food,” she says with a smile. 

Your kindness has helped break the chains of poverty for Makena and her family. Thank you for empowering women like Makena and providing second chances to families around the world.


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