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Esther’s Quest for Empowerment

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“Day after day, my children would ask if I had brought food for us. And day after day, I would have to say, ‘No,’” Esther said.

Esther is a participant in Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program. She is a successful farmer, gardener, and business owner who sells handmade beaded goods. But in previous years, she struggled to find hope and provide for her family.

“I was married off to a stranger at 16,” she said. “He left us in a mud hut without livestock or a way to feed ourselves, or to pay for the children to go to school … I had no voice. The only thing remaining for me was to die.”

After learning valuable information about her inherent worth and the business practices she could use to provide for her family, Esther and her children began a new, fulfilling life. 

“I am a woman at peace,” said Esther. “At peace that my children eat good food and go to school. When we want to eat, we eat. This is our life now — not just food, but a full table.” 

Thanks to your support, tens of thousands of women around the world are beginning hopeful new chapters. To learn more about Women’s Empowerment, click here


At Convoy of Hope, we love our #Volunteers! A special thanks to our neighbors in Republic, Missouri, for recently helping assemble 2,000 bags of groceries and 3,000 hygiene kits to deliver to people in need.