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Strong & Capable on International Women’s Day

El Salvador Reported by Convoy of Hope

“You are capable of doing anything you want.” These were Angela’s father’s last words to her. Angela had always told her father she wanted to own her own store. As she grew older, her dream of running her own business fell to the wayside. In her family’s darkest time, they started going to church. 

strengthen women

At church, Angela connected with Convoy of Hope and joined the Women’s Empowerment program. Now, Angela runs a successful store, where she sells school supplies. She is a provider for her family and an example to her daughters, who dream of running their own businesses in the future. Check out more of Angela’s story in the video.


For Micheline, brutal gang violence and food insecurity is a constant reality for her and her family in #Haiti. It's been difficult for her parents to keep a steady income and put food on the table. Convoy currently serves more than 125,000 meals a day in Haiti in partnership…