Response Updates

Convoy Is Responding to International Disasters

Reported by Convoy of Hope

As disasters continue to occur around the world, Convoy of Hope is serving those in need on your behalf. In recent weeks, numerous catastrophic events have affected communities in countries and communities that are often missed in the news. Convoy of Hope is serving in the aftermath of the following events.

Cyclone Mocha

An extremely powerful storm made landfall in Myanmar last week. Cyclone Mocha — one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded in Myanmar — hit Myanmar’s Rakhine with brutal force, impacting communities with heavy rains and winds. Heavy rainfall, storm surge, and strong winds caused widespread damage in several towns. Infrastructure damage has left hundreds of thousands displaced or living in damaged houses.

Convoy of Hope is working with partners on the ground to address the needs of the affected communities.

Wildfires in Canada

Unusual heatwaves are causing unfathomable amounts of wildfires throughout central and northern Alberta, as well as in surrounding provinces in Canada. More than 29,000 people have been displaced in the affected area. Recent heavy rains have brought some relief to the wildfires, but could also cause catastrophic flooding — exacerbating an already desperate situation for affected communities. 

Convoy of Hope is responding in the area with plans to distribute clothing, hygiene products, bedding, cots, food, and other essential relief supplies. 

Flooding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Torrential rains that fell earlier this spring caused the overflow of Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, flooding rivers and resulting in major damage. Three communities — Kalehe, Uvira, and Fizi-Baraka — were heavily impacted by flooding and subsequent mudslides.

The flooding caused at least 400 deaths and mass damage to infrastructure. This has exacerbated an already desperate situation, where 5.7 million people are displaced and 2.8 million children are malnourished.

Convoy of Hope has initiated a response. Distributions will take place within the next week. Convoy is working with on-the-ground partners to plan and fulfill distributions of vital relief supplies. 

Flooding in Somalia

Heavy rainfall in central Somalia has caused extreme flooding, forcing almost 250,000 people to flee from their homes for safety. Though the area has been suffering through a yearslong drought, the heavy rains are not an automatic cure.

The rains are recharging water sources and enabling vegetation to regenerate, but it will take much more consistent rainfall to effectively alleviate the impact of the severe drought. 

Convoy of Hope is on the ground, ready to distribute relief supplies to people who are uncertain of what to do and where to go next.

Super Typhoon Mawar

Guam received the full brunt of Typhoon Mawar. Mawar brought intense winds up to 185 miles per hour, generating 30-foot waves in some areas. Tens of thousands of homes are without power after strong winds uprooted trees, swept away vehicles, tore off roofs, and hurled debris. Mawar is still an active Super Typhoon. Reports suggest it will head toward Taiwan or the Philippines. 

Convoy of Hope is in communication with multiple partners on the ground to gain an understanding of the damage and unmet needs.


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