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Goodness, Groceries & Generosity Spread Hope

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope
Goodness, Groceries, and Generosity Bag

“When a person feels seen [and] recognized, it’s a game changer,” said Pastor Beau Norman of The Hill in Stockton, Missouri.

As Norman partners with Convoy of Hope, he gladly practices what he preaches. Convoy delivered a tractor-trailer of food, water, and other necessities that Pastor Norman and his team placed into dozens of boxes. Together, he and his congregation organized a community grocery distribution.

Norman instructed his congregation to find individuals and families who would be grateful to receive a box of groceries. Some were neighbors, little league coaches, and service workers. Others were displaced individuals in need.

He and his team also made sure to allow for personal connection. The goal of the grocery distribution was not just to provide for people’s immediate needs, but also to show them that others in their community care.

For many, the groceries they received were helpful, but the time Norman’s team took to acknowledge and appreciate them was what truly gave them hope.

“We’re going to learn that we can reach our world with little things,” Norman said. “Hope was spread through conversation.”

Thanks to your support, volunteers, partners, pastors, and community leaders are sharing hope around the world. Together, we are changing the world — one connection at a time.


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