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A Vision for the Future

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Just before her 50th birthday, Sandy Taylor — a successful corporate executive — felt oblivious to the suffering in her community and the world.

That year, everything changed when she experienced a life-threatening trauma, resulting in blindness in her right eye. But as her physical vision diminished, the world around her was illuminated. “I began realizing that almost everyone is dealing with something, and I started experiencing a strong compassion for people who were hurting.”

Sandy became involved in Convoy:Women and supporting Women’s Empowerment. “For $1,000, I can change a woman’s life, her family’s life, and an entire community,” she says.

Sandy began considering how she wanted to leave her legacy. “God gave me a peace that I could trust Convoy with the resources He gave me to steward. I want to leave a legacy of compassion and generosity.”

Here are a few ways to include Convoy of Hope in your legacy and estate planning.

  • Retitle an asset with Convoy of Hope as a transfer on death designation.
  • Name Convoy of Hope as a beneficiary of an IRA account or a life insurance policy.
  • Name Convoy of Hope as a beneficiary of a Donor Advised Fund.
  • Give a gift or bequest from your will or living trust.

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🚨 #Tornado Update 🚨 Early this morning, severe weather through the Gulf Coast spun off tornadoes, causing damage in Slidell, #Louisiana. Convoy of Hope is in contact with partners on the ground and a load of essential supplies are en route to the affected area:…