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Santa Fe Community Event Delivers Relief

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope in Santa Fe

A husband came through the drive-thru distribution in Santa Fe while his wife, a first responder, was on duty. He mentioned how nervous he was for her every time she went to work. 

Another mother picked up her groceries. While talking with a volunteer, she shared that she had been feeling completely hopeless and had resorted to drinking to abate the feeling. “Thank you for being here,” she said. “You have no idea how much I needed this today”

Story after story like these came out of our recent Community Event in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Car after car passed through to pick up groceries and relief supplies. And, since pandemics affect everyone, those cars ranged from the rusted-through to the fully-loaded. Convoy of Hope served them all. We believe that everyone we serve should be treated with dignity and respect.

Like each of the Community Events we’ve held in 2020, the one in Santa Fe was structured as a drive-through point of distribution (POD) to keep contact between volunteers and our Guests of Honor at a minimum during the pandemic. It is important to keep risk low and hopes high. 

Because of the generosity of Convoy of Hope’s partners and donors, were were able to distribute 1,000 Gardens in a Bag, 4,000 grocery bags, and 6,000 pairs of Bombas socks.


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