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Convoy Shares Hope On Day of Remembrance

Reported by Convoy of Hope

On the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Convoy of Hope hosted a Community Event in Sacramento, California. The event provided necessities like meals, shoes, and health screenings to those in the community — including refugees from Afghanistan.

“Sacramento has been a key hub for a lot of Afghan refugees that are coming in,” said Steve Pulis of Convoy of Hope’s Community Events team.

Though the event took place on September 11, valuable partnerships allow Convoy of Hope to continue serving the community, as well as Afghan refugees, even after the event concluded.

“It’s more than just the day of,” Steve added. “It’s ongoing.”

Throughout the event, 350 volunteers distributed:

  • 3,000 pairs of socks
  • 450 pairs of shoes
  • 5,000 bags of groceries
  • 500 Gardens in a Bag
  • 680 meals
  • 230 portraits

Convoy of Hope is grateful for the people who make events like this possible.


Convoy of Hope teamed up with @TheLAMission and Fearless Church, to serve more than 33,000 pounds of supplies such as food, bottled water, and hygiene items to the Skid Row community. Skid Row is home to one of the largest unhoused populations in nation —between 10,000 to 15,000…