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World Kindness Day: Make Kindness the Norm

Reported by Convoy of Hope
World Kindness Day

As we celebrate World Kindness Day, those of us at Convoy of Hope want all of our supporters to remember that the acts of kindness they show every day, no matter how small, make an enormous difference. 

Convoy of Hope recently partnered with the O’Reilly Center for Hope in Springfield, Missouri, to show kindness at their annual Hope Connection event. Hope Connection is a staple for local nonprofits, who join together to provide services to the local homeless population. Like most big gatherings, the format for Hope Connection had to change in big ways during 2020. Instead of meeting on one day in a convention center, the event took place over the course of three separate days to abide by social distancing guidelines and to keep large crowds from gathering. 

During those three days, Convoy of Hope distributed the following to the local homeless population:

  • 300 sets of groceries
  • 600 Theraworx hygiene wipes
  • 3,000 Bombas socks
  • 100 hygiene kits
  • 100 Luminaid lanterns

Bryan came to Hope Connection as part of his restart on life. “I was in prison, got out in January, but lost my job because of COVID-19. I’ve been homeless for a while.”

Thankfully, the resources he’s received through the O’Reilly Center for Hope, which included food and supplies through Convoy of Hope, are setting him up for success. “I thought [the lantern] was really interesting. I’ll find a good use for it.”

People need kindness shown to them now more than ever, and we’re honored to partner with people and organizations who are truly making a difference in their communities.


Today, we’re celebrating #Juneteenth! The holiday celebrates African American history and culture, and the end of slavery on June 19, 1865. Juneteenth not only calls us to reflect on history, but also the continued work ahead.
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