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Celebrating Veterans: The Sacrifice

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

As thousands of Guests of Honor lined up to attend one of Convoy of Hope’s Community Events in Frederick, Maryland, an older gentleman sat on the grass leaned up against his old backpack.

His name was Christopher, and he seemed to be in pain.

“My leg was broken when I was hit by a car three years ago, but it still hurts to stand for long periods of time,” Christopher told a volunteer who had stopped to check on him.

It turns out that Christopher is a homeless veteran who has sacrificed for this country, only to end up on the streets addicted to opiates and alcohol.

As Christopher learned about recovery programs in the area, he continued to mention that he was not feeling well, was dizzy and had not eaten in several days. The doctors and nurses in the first-aid tent promptly attended to Christopher and realized that he needed more medical attention than they could offer. An ambulance was called that would take Christopher to the hospital where he would get the help he needed.

Before leaving by ambulance, he said, “I know God has a plan for me, and I don’t think it is for me to die alone in the woods.”

On this Veterans Day, as we remember those who have so bravely sacrificed for this country, keep Christopher in mind. Along with thousands of other veterans, he continues to sacrifice well beyond his years of service.


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