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More Than 7,400 Guests Served in Kansas City & Long Island

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Connie, 53, pushed a cart filled with bread and other supplies through the exit gate of our Community Event in Kansas City, Missouri, headed home to her tiny apartment.

“My kitchen is small but I’m sure glad I have this food to cook in it,” she said.

Connie spent two hours taking multiple buses to get to the Kansas City event where 3,642 Guests of Honor were served. Chronically homeless in the late 1980’s, she still struggles to get by more than two decades later. But, she says, Convoy of Hope has given her a new outlook on life.

“I was able to go to the job fair and learn about getting my GED, and I also got this food so this was a good day for me,” she says. “I needed this.”

Our partner, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), served 500 women, providing them with breast health education and services.

Laquisha, 27, walked out of the NBCF tent with a look of relief on her face.

“I just learned I’ve been doing my self-examinations all wrong,” she says, “I may have just learned something here that will save my life. I couldn’t even afford to get this advice from a doctor.”

In another tent, physicians and dentists saw low-income families who needed the most basic healthcare services.

Jessica, 32, stood in line with her daughter and son to get eye and dental exams.

“My son broke his tooth awhile back and thankfully today we’re finally going to be able to get it fixed,” she says. “Being a single mom with no state aid of any kind, I’m barely making it. This is just unreal. All I can say is thank you, Convoy of Hope!”

Kansas City by the Numbers

Total Guests of Honor3,642
Total Volunteers1,980
Total Haircuts457
Total Portraits485
Pairs of Shoes Given Away Through Samaritan’s Feet500
Gardens in a Bag2,500
Food Packets from Plum Organics10,000

Long Island by the Numbers

Total Guests of Honor3,762
Total Volunteers1,402
Total Haircuts100
Total Portraits500
Pairs of Shoes Given Away Through Samaritan’s Feet1,700
Pairs of Shoes Given Away Through Shoes For All3,200