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Food & Fortitude: Jessa’s Story

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope

Meals can change lives. For a child, having access to healthy food can mean the difference between a hopeful future and one of desperate instability.

Jessa knows this well.

She and her parents live in a small, unfinished home in the Philippines. She likes to play with her friends, enjoys her classes at school, and aims to excel in all that she does. But Jessa often didn’t have the chance to focus on her dreams. There were bigger problems she had to face each day.

“When my parents argued about finances, I felt almost like giving up,” Jessa said.

The strain of food insecurity took a heavy toll on Jessa and her family. Daily uncertainty and insufficient nutrition left little room for her to enjoy being a child.

“I was hoping I could finish my school life [with] a good feeling and in good condition,” she said. “I do not want to remain a child. I want to grow up faster so that I can help my poor family.”

But with more hope and stronger food security, everything changed for Jessa. Now, she receives full, nutritious meals through Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program.

“Convoy of Hope food is very helpful in our daily lives, especially our meal every day,” Jessa said.

Full of strength and energy and with a full stomach, Jessa can now focus on her dreams. “I am strong enough to face the trials in my life and to reach what I want,” she said. “I like my life now.”

Thank you for changing Jessa’s story and giving her the opportunity to achieve her goals.


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