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All About Hurricane Margot

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Because 2023 is the first year for the name “Margot” to be included in the World Meteorological Organization’s list of cyclone names (replacing the retired name “Maria”), there have been no historical hurricanes named Margot.

A hypothetical Hurricane Margot has been posted on a gaming website for 2023, but no such storm yet exists.

The national weather services began tracking Tropical Storm Margot — the 13th tropical cyclone of this season — on September 7. It achieved hurricane status on September 11. Had there been communities in Margot’s path, the regular updates would have been crucial to their needed preparation. However, during Margot’s 10-day lifespan, the storm roamed the eastern and central Atlantic and never came in contact with land.

Wind speed was the measurement used to determine Margot’s status as a hurricane.

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Named storms are all tropical cyclones of one level or another — rotating, organized systems of clouds and thunderstorms that originate over tropical or subtropical waters and have closed low-level circulation.

  • • Early on, a cyclone with sustained wind speeds of less than 39 mph is noted as a tropical depression. Tropical depressions are not given names, but weather services track them to determine if they are forming into tropical storms or hurricanes.
  • • When this season’s 13th cyclone reached sustained wind speeds of 39 mph, it was named Tropical Storm Margot.
  • When that speed reached 74 mph, Margot became a Category 1 hurricane.

Whether as a tropical storm or hurricane, all such storms should be taken very seriously. Fortunately, because Margot remained at sea, it posed no threat to lives and property.

When Was Hurricane Margot?

Although there is no historical Hurricane Margot, a Severe Tropical Cyclone Margot was tracked in 1985 by the Australian Government Board of Meteorology. This year’s Hurricane Margot maintained Category 1 status from September 11 to September 15, when it weakened to tropical storm status.

Where Did Hurricane Margot Hit?

Hurricane Margot did not make landfall this year. Severe Tropical Cyclone Margot in 1985 moved southwest and then southeast in the Sunda Straight between Indonesia and Australia.

What Category Was Hurricane Margot?

This year, Hurricane Margot achieved Category 1 status. Severe Tropical Cyclone Margot grew to a Category 3 storm.

What Time Will Hurricane Margot Make Landfall?

There is no correlation between similarly named hurricanes. When researching storms named “Margot,” you might ask, “What time did Hurricane Margot make landfall?” but historic information won’t give you any date to help you prepare for Margot this year.

With any severe storm, particularly a hurricane, you must not wait until the last minute to seek a safe area.

How Many People Died in Hurricane Margot?

If you didn’t know that Margot has only just been added to the list of named storms, you might be asking, “Did anyone die in Hurricane Margot?”

The only previous storm named “Margot,” Severe Tropical Cyclone Margot in 1985, spent its entire life moving across the sea.

There was no impact on land or reported loss of life. Fortunately, that pattern again proved true with 2023’s Hurricane Margot.

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What Was the Path of Hurricane Margot?

A cyclone’s path can cover thousands of miles from its start as a tropical depression, potentially through hurricane status, and finally to dissipation.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Margot began south of Indonesia, moved toward Australia, and cycled through several figure-eight patterns before dissipating. Hurricane Margot developed off of West Africa and moved across the Atlantic in an easterly and northerly direction before dissipating.

Convoy of Hope & Hurricanes

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has responded to many natural disasters since 1998.

Once a hurricane is name and is being tracked, Convoy’s Disaster Services team closely follows weather updates.

Trucks filled with needed resources leave Convoy’s World Distribution Center before a predicted landfall and head to the affected area.

At a distribution point, Convoy team members work with local volunteers to offload and strategically position pallets of supplies.

For example, Convoy of Hope was ready to respond to Hurricane Ian in 2022.

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After that storm smashed across central Florida on September 28 with sustained winds of 155 mph, Convoy served more than 17,000 survivors with the help of nearly 500 volunteers in about a week.

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