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For Nepalese Farmer, Hope Grows at Home

Nepal Reported by Convoy of Hope

Mangale had tried everything. He jumped at every chance he could to make more money for himself and his family, but each attempt failed. He even tried going overseas with the hope that things would be different elsewhere and that the chance to support his family was just around the corner. 

But disappointment and dead ends seemed to be around every turn, and Mangale’s expenses always superseded his income. He pressed on, knowing that if he could just find his footing, he could find security for himself and his family.

“I felt that I should not be discouraged and that I had to solve the situation,” he said. “I took out some loans and paid back some of my investments.”

With mounting debt and the need for additional income only increasing, he jumped at the chance to be trained through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture initiative. With guidance from Convoy’s highly trained agronomists, Mangale received training in agriculture — on making compost and on how to grow different kinds of vegetables.

And things began to finally turn around.

“Now, I am doing well, my family is also doing well. This year, I sent 345 crates of tomatoes to the main market and sold 40 kilos of ghost peppers. I am glad with my income and hope to raise it next season so I can pay my loans and make a profit.”

Unfortunately, difficulty didn’t magically disappear once he started his training. Just as Mangale felt like he was making progress, his tomato plants — which made up a significant portion of his crop — became infected.

But this time, he wasn’t alone when hardship struck.

“I was able to consult the agriculture technicians that Convoy of Hope has provided, and [I] treated my plants, which yielded better. I would have had a huge loss if those treatments were not on time. I earned about 500,000 rupees — [just more than $6,000] — this year.”

Mangale is a prime example of what can be accomplished when a determined person has the knowledge they need to succeed and the support of friends and community. 

“To anyone who asks, I would say that everything is possible if we invest our strength, time, and knowledge. I am grateful for how the organization has supported and taught us on the modern techniques of cultivating fruits and vegetables. I wish I had known about this program earlier.”

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