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Drivers With Loads of Hope

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope would be lost without its amazing team of drivers. There can’t be a convoy without anyone to drive it! Each day, Convoy of Hope’s drivers are crossing the country with trucks full of disaster relief supplies, groceries, shoes, and most of all — hope.

Convoy’s drivers transport supplies for Community Events, Rural Initiatives distributions, and disaster responses (including last year’s responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma). In 2017, they drove more than 414,000 miles for Convoy of Hope.

“These are some phenomenal people,” Convoy team member, Debbie Gilleylen says. “You know how you always have people backstage getting the work done? These are those people.”

The majority of Convoy drivers are retired and drive for the organization as volunteers. When asked what their favorite part of driving for Convoy of Hope was, their answers were synonymous — the people Convoy serves.

“My favorite is when you go and actually get to a place — the joy of the people that are there,” Richard Wilson says. “It’s just a blessing to be a part of bringing them something they’re really anxious to receive and to be a part of what they’re doing in the community.”

Convoy of Hope honored its team of drivers and their spouses on Tuesday, January 30, with a lunch and celebration.

“We have a fantastic driving team and a lot of people don’t get to see each other but maybe once a year,” Transportation Director Mike Coble says. “So, this is that one time a year that we get all the drivers in, as many of the spouses as we can and we get to show our appreciation to them and thank them for their sacrifice and all the hard work they’ve done.”

If you’re interested in joining Convoy of Hope’s volunteer driving team, you can learn more at


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