Play for Good and give children and their families hope beyond their circumstances.

When you Play for Good with Convoy of Hope you choose your:

• Sport

• Team

• Rules

• Fundraising Goals

• Place

• Time

• Teammates

• Convoy of Hope program you want to bring awareness to and raise funds for

Good News


Raise more than $125 and get this sweet t-shirt.

Recently Friends in Hollywood Played for Good

Five steps to get started:

1. Register as an individual or on behalf of a group or an organization

2. Choose your game

3. Set the date, time, and place

4. Invite your friends, coworkers &/or classmates to join you

5. Play your game


Explore our free resources.

Download free resources below to support your game.

IASF Leader’s Guide
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2021 Overview
Children’s Feeding
Women’s Empowerment
Disaster Services
Rural Initiatives

Register today.

Whether you are an individual, a part of an organization or group, we’re honored to partner with you & look forward to supporting you to host your own International Amateur Sports Federation event. A team member from Convoy of Hope will reach out with next steps once you complete registration.

Thank you for your willingness to participate!