Play for Good and give children and their families hope beyond their circumstances.

When you Play for Good with Convoy of Hope you choose your:

• Sport

• Team

• Rules

• Fundraising Goals

• Place

• Time

• Teammates

• Convoy of Hope program you want to bring awareness to and raise funds for

Everyone can do something to help the impoverished and suffering. Why not have fun in the process?

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Raise more than $125 and get this sweet t-shirt.

Recently Friends in Hollywood Played for Good

Five steps to get started:

1. Register as an individual or on behalf of a group or an organization

2. Choose your game

3. Set the date, time, and place

4. Invite your friends, coworkers &/or classmates to join you

5. Play your game


Explore our free resources.

Download free resources below to support your game.

IASF Leader’s Guide
IASF Logos & Graphics
2021 Overview
Children’s Feeding
Women’s Empowerment
Disaster Services
Rural Initiatives

Register today.

Whether you are an individual, a part of an organization or group, we’re honored to partner with you & look forward to supporting you to host your own International Amateur Sports Federation event. A team member from Convoy of Hope will reach out with next steps once you complete registration.

Thank you for your willingness to participate!