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It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Behind the wheel of every Convoy of Hope truck, there’s a dedicated and passionate driver going the extra mile to deliver resources and hope to people who need them.

“It’s an honor for me as a driver,” said Dave Strickland, who serves as a reserve driver for Convoy. “This is much bigger than me. Especially when you’re working with groups or people who don’t know much about Convoy of Hope. I get to share with them about everything we do all over the world. It’s emotional every time.”

The compassion our truck drivers feel for the people Convoy serves is what fuels their desire to transport supplies to communities that need them.

“I had a very long and productive career [before driving for Convoy], but never did feel that fulfillment, the appreciation, the gratitude that we were really helping anybody,” said Hugh Abercrombie, one of Convoy’s full-time drivers. “But with this job — helping people this way — it’s just got a huge amount of self-gratification and appreciation. The people [Convoy serves] really, really appreciate what we’re doing, and we feel that appreciation.”

If you’re qualified and interested in driving for Convoy of Hope, fill out an application!

If you want to send a note telling our drivers how much you appreciate the work they do, here’s your chance to do just that.

Convoy of Hope is consistently grateful for the amazing drivers who deliver tangible hope to people in need.


Convoy of Hope has now initiated and is currently responding to two more disasters — one in Missouri and the other in Florida. This marks Convoy's 750th disaster response since 1998. Here's the latest news you need to know:

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