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Hope Sets the Table

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Imagine it: a table, four legs, and a center spread. For some, it’s made of wood. For others, it’s fashioned from sticks and stones.

The table itself is set with beautiful dishes and is topped with food. But for the poorest of the poor — the ones we’re called to serve — it’s painfully empty.

For some, there is no food. There are no hot meals for their children or dinner after a long, hard day.

Until a friend like you helps Convoy of Hope set the table to serve hope and compassion for millions of people around the world. In this video, you’ll see how this happens thanks to your outstanding support.


The war in #Ukraine is scaring for adults … for children, the traumas of living in a wartorn country can derail their entire lives. Watch how these brave #volunteers stepped in to keep children safe and how Convoy of Hope was part of the solution: 👉