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In a world where everything feels unpredictable, Convoy of Hope has been overwhelmed with the commitment of our volunteers, who work behind the scenes and help us complete hundreds of projects. Volunteering looks different right now (everyone is in masks and socially distanced), but 50 to 100 volunteers still regularly show up at Convoy of Hope’s World Distribution Center every Tuesday night to give their time at Hands of Hope. 

Thanks to the hundreds of Hands of Hope volunteers in Springfield, Missouri — the hometown of Convoy of Hope’s headquarters — we’ve been able to complete projects that help all our program areas. Just recently, Hands of Hope volunteers unloaded an entire tractor-trailer by hand, repalletized more than 2,000 cases of drinks that shifted during transit, quality-control checked and palletized 1,200 hygiene and 97 baby care kits, and readied more than 18,000 protein shakes. 

That’s a lot of product that is now ready to go out from our distribution center and into the hands of those who need it. And it’s just one example of one night of volunteering! 

Before COVID-19, we would have twice as many volunteers come to a Hands of Hope event. However, to keep our volunteers and staff safe, we’ve limited the number of volunteers who can participate each week. Numbers may have changed, but the work and the dedication of our volunteers hasn’t.

Thank you to all our volunteers serving with us during this difficult season. We could not do the work we do each and every day without your time and support.

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