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Field Teams Member Helps Build Community Center

Puerto Rico Reported by Convoy of Hope
Field Teams Interview

“You can work with what you have,” Cole Muske said, sitting in Ponce, Puerto Rico with a Convoy of Hope Field Teams t-shirt on.

Cole had never been on a Field Teams trip before. In fact, this was his first time doing anything of the sort. But along with a team of eager volunteers, he spent several days building a community center for the residents of Ponce. He had little notice, little experience, and little idea of what the trip would be like. Even so, the work that Cole and the Field Team did in Ponce will be long-lasting and of great benefit to the community. 

“I got told about 10 days in advance that they had an opportunity,” Cole said. 

He quickly packed his bags and got ready to embark on Convoy’s upcoming Field Teams trip to Puerto Rico. He didn’t feel particularly qualified to help, but he knew that, once he made it to his destination, he could do something useful. 

The goal of the trip was to build a community center at Iglesia Manantial de Vida, a local church which helps to support the area in a number of ways. The community center would enhance the church’s ability to assist the people of Ponce, and give residents additional resources in the area. 

Cole soon realized that his ability to help was much greater than he had anticipated. 

“The only qualification is being willing to work hard and do it for a good cause,” he said after a while on the job. “Just help out any way you can.” 

Cole found many of his local teammates particularly influential  — one of whom was deaf and one of whom was blind — both of whom were incredibly valuable to the work the team did in Ponce. 

“They’ve both had such an inspiring impact on us,” Cole said. 

Cole plans to pursue a career in ministry, but upon completion of the community center, said that he was inspired to look for opportunities to help others, no matter where he is.

“It’s been really cool in so many ways helping people and knowing that we’re leaving a lasting impact,” said Cole. “You can do it everywhere.” 


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