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Gather: Together, We Do More

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By Hal Donaldson

This Christmas, families with gather around tables, trees and fires. They’ll share memories of Christmases past, open gifts, eat meals, enjoy each other’s company, worship and look toward the New Year.

Since Convoy of Hope was founded more than 20 years ago, we’ve seen the power of gathering — even during some of history’s darkest days.

After Hurricane Katrina obliterated portions of the Gulf Coast, I saw our teams gather with families as they picked through the remains of their homes. On the evening of January 12, 2010, our teams gathered to launch a massive response that would best help the people of Haiti as news of a 7.0-magnitude earthquake spread. Recently, I sat at a lunch table in Ethiopia that was filled with wide-eyed schoolchildren who ate bowlfuls of nutritious food provided by Convoy of Hope.

When we gather together, incredible things happen.

Together, we turn disasters into opportunities to feed more children, build homes for the homeless and help communities get back on their feet. Together, we give hope and a hand up to working poor families in the United States. Together, we give impoverished mothers and fathers the tools and training to provide incomes that transform the futures of their families. Together, we put shoes on the shoeless and food into the mouths of the hungry.

Thanks to you, we’ve helped more than 70 million people.

Thanks for partnering with us this year! I look forward to what we’ll do together next year in the States and around the world.

God bless you for gathering with us to help those who are impoverished and hurting.


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