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Disaster Response: Dallas Straight Line Winds Leave Hundreds of Thousands Without Power

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

June 4, 2024 | 4:19 p.m.

Last week, a powerful line of severe storms swept through northern Texas, leaving an initial million people without power in the Dallas area. Convoy of Hope immediately responded with loads of relief supplies, holding drive-thru distributions in the area. 

One young mother of a three-month-old baby came to a distribution because she heard there would be baby formula. She had run out that day and didn’t know if she’d be able to find more or be able to afford it. At the distribution, she received baby formula, ready-to-eat-meals, water, and the ability to feed her child the nutrients she needs to grow and thrive, even after a devastating storm. 

Another young man showed volunteers pictures of his apartment completely torn apart by the strong winds. It was unlivable, so he was sheltering in a local library opened as a cooling center. Since the library had no way to cook food, he needed ready-to-eat meals. He left the distribution with those meals, water, hygiene supplies, and the assurance that he is not alone in recovery.

“We are extremely grateful, and that goes beyond words,” said Gerson Hernandez, one of Convoy’s partners in the area. “Seeing the people we’ve served and the partnerships we’ve built because of Convoy of Hope … words cannot fully express how grateful we are. We are able to help those in need because of the resources you provided.”

May 31, 2024 | 10:27 a.m.

In response to the ongoing power outage affecting over 200,000 Dallas customers, Convoy of Hope has arrived in the impacted areas, delivering essential resources including food, water, and cleaning supplies. Distribution of these supplies began immediately to help alleviate the strain on communities grappling with the aftermath of Tuesday’s severe storms. 

Many of those affected lack the resources to replace lost food and essentials right away. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Convoy of Hope remains in close contact with local partners, working tirelessly to bridge the gap. Thank you for your kindness and support as we serve those in need.

May 29, 2024 | 6:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, May 28, a powerful line of severe thunderstorms swept through the Dallas metro area, leaving more than half a million people without power. In response, Convoy of Hope immediately began coordinating with partners to assess the needs of affected families and individuals. A tractor-trailer loaded with nonperishable food, water, and sports drinks is en route for delivery to affected communities. 

In this response, food is the most urgent need. With widespread power outages, grocery stores are often unable to open and sell to the public. Convoy of Hope is there on your behalf to fill this need.  

Convoy of Hope is in close communication with partners, ready to send additional supplies as needed. In addition to the situation in Dallas, Convoy is also actively responding to current severe weather in the Midwest and South, delivering essential aid to communities hit by water crises, flooding, tornadoes, and wind events. 

Your support helps us provide timely and effective relief to those in need. Join us in making a difference for the families impacted by these devastating storms.


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