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Shop Stress-Free & Make a Difference This Holiday Season

Reported by Convoy of Hope

As supply chain worries around the globe set the stage for a potentially stressful Christmas season, many are opting to do their gift shopping early this year. Some stores are already in short supply; others have had items back-ordered or unavailable for months.

Convoy of Hope’s Gift Catalog provides solutions to holiday gift-giving worries. Bypass crowds and shipping status notifications this time of year by giving a gift in a loved one’s honor through the Convoy Gift Catalog. 

From community wells, classroom care bundles, and school gardens, to goats, chickens, and disaster relief supplies, Convoy of Hope’s Gift Catalog spreads joy, hope, and seasonal cheer around the world. Don’t forget to include a commemorative holiday card with your gift while you’re at it.

This Christmas season, use Convoy’s Gift Catalog to celebrate the joy of giving while avoiding end-of-year stress.

To browse Convoy’s Gift Catalog, click here.


Disasters bring barriers to many basic needs, including access to #food. Everyday things are unexpectedly gone — food becomes a critical concern. This is why organizations like ours exist: to respond to disasters with tangible aid and compassion. 🥣👉