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Are you looking to make a meaningful difference but unsure where to start? With so many organizations fighting for attention, choosing between the top nonprofit organizations can appear overwhelming.

Whether you’re a seasoned donor or just beginning to explore the world of philanthropy, understanding the landscape of top nonprofit organizations is crucial.

However, with thousands of organizations providing aid around the world, it’s not practical to create a list of the top 10 nonprofit organizations.

Rather, you should understand what characteristics you’re looking for in the top nonprofit organizations to help find the charity that you wish to support.

This article will be your guide as we outline 7 things to consider when deciding which charitable organizations to support in 2024.

Join us as we delve into what makes top charities distinctive and how your contribution can help ignite real change in communities around the world.

7 Characteristics To Consider Before Donating

If you’ve asked yourself, “What are good charities to donate to?” you can evaluate these 7 key aspects to arrive at a solid answer.

If you’re wondering, “What are the top charities?” and how you can contribute, visiting the organizations’ websites is a great start.

Many organizations offer different ways to donate — whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or advocacy.

1. Transparency & Accountability

A transparent charity openly shares detailed information about its financial health, funding sources, and how donations are allocated. 

This includes publishing annual reports and regular financial reports that are accessible to the public. 

Accountability involves the charity’s adherence to legal standards and ethical practices.

These steps help ensure that any organization working to meet the needs of others operates responsibly and effectively toward its stated mission. 

Charities that prioritize these aspects often undergo independent audits and are part of regulatory groups that monitor nonprofit behaviors, providing donors with reassurance that their contributions are used appropriately and effectively.

For example, Convoy of Hope reports on how donations are spent.

2. Alignment With Personal Values

When selecting a charity, look for a mission statement that resonates with your personal convictions, whether it’s:

  • • Advancing health care.
  • • Promoting social justice.
  • • Providing medical care.
  • • Supporting animal welfare. 

A strong alignment between a donor’s values and the charity’s mission enhances the sense of personal fulfillment and commitment to the cause.

By supporting organizations that reflect your values, you contribute to changes you wish to see, making your donations more meaningful and impactful.

Donors who are passionate about feeding children worldwide support Convoy of Hope because they know more than 571,000 boys and girls around the world are receiving nutritious meals every school day.

3. Proven Impact

A well-regarded charity working in the United States and abroad often has an established track record of improving the lives of those affected by challenges such as natural disasters or addressing global issues. 

When evaluating a charity’s reputation, consider:

  • • Its history of accomplishments.
  • • The recognition it receives from peers.
  • • Its method of providing treatment and care.
  • • Feedback from beneficiaries and the communities it serves. 

Recognition from respected industry bodies and awards can also be a testament to a charity’s commitment and impact, ensuring that your contribution goes to a reputable and trustworthy organization.

In Convoy of Hope’s 30 years of operation, the nonprofit has served more than 259 million people around the world. That includes responding to over 713 U.S. and international disasters in over 130 countries and mobilizing more than 1 million volunteers to help bring hope to those in need.

Charity Watchdog Highlight

GuideStar, now part of Candid, is a highly regarded watchdog organization known for its comprehensive database on nonprofit organizations.

One of its key strengths lies in its extensive use of IRS Form 990 data, which nonprofit organizations are required to file annually. 

In 2023, Convoy of Hope earned GuideStar’s platinum seal for transparency through sharing measurable results of the organization’s efforts.

4. Efficiency

Efficiency refers to how well a charity uses its resources to achieve its objectives, a crucial factor for donors who want their contributions to have the greatest impact.

In your research, make sure a charity has worked to ensure that a significant portion of its funds goes directly to program activities rather than administrative overhead. 

Evaluating a charity’s efficiency involves examining its cost-per-outcome ratio or the percentage of each dollar that reaches the end beneficiaries.

Charities that maintain high efficiency are able to deliver more resources, services, and benefits to their causes, maximizing the effect of every donation received.

For the past four years running, Convoy of Hope has kept its overhead expenses at less than 10 percent.

This means that more than 90 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to a program initiative — whether that’s feeding children, empowering women, responding to disasters, or training and assisting farmers.

5. Area of Focus

This is a defining element when choosing a charity, as it determines the specific issues and populations the organization aims to help.

Whether a charity is dedicated to:

  • • Providing clean water to communities,
  • • Aiding regions affected by conflict, or
  • • Ensuring populations are food secure,

understanding their primary concerns can guide your decision to donate. 

Aligning with a charity that addresses the causes you care about most not only enhances the impact of your contributions but also increases your personal connection to the work being done.

Choose a charity whose focus areas resonate deeply with your sense of global stewardship.

Donors to Convoy of Hope, for example, take a personal interest in causes like:

  • • Feeding children in food-insecure communities.
  • • Helping refugees fleeing conflict zones.
  • • Creating opportunities for women to start their own businesses.

To learn more about Convoy’s Disaster Response initiative, watch the video above!

6. Sustainability

This refers to a nonprofit organization’s ability to create long-lasting impact through its initiatives. Charities committed to sustainability work toward solutions that have enduring benefits rather than providing only temporary relief. 

This involves developing programs that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable — programs that are capable of continuing to serve communities in the long term without ongoing external support. 

By focusing on sustainability, charities ensure that the improvements they make — such as in education, health, or environmental conservation — remain effective and continue to benefit future generations.

Donors should look for charities that aim for these lasting outcomes to maximize the impact of their contributions.

For Convoy of Hope, a powerful strategy for promoting food security has been to establish a children’s feeding program in a local school but then train local farmers to increase their annual yields and support the long-term growth of that program.

To learn more about Convoy’s sustainable agriculture initiative, watch the video above!

To learn how to volunteer with Convoy of Hope, watch the video above!

7. Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities offered by charities provide a hands-on way to engage with their work, allowing donors to contribute not just financially but also personally

Volunteering can deepen your understanding of the charity’s operations and the challenges they face.

It also offers meaningful interaction with the community and other supporters. 

Volunteering can range from local community service to overseas projects, depending on the organization’s scope.

This direct involvement can be particularly rewarding as it offers a tangible connection to the positive change one helps create. 

Charities with robust volunteer programs often attract and retain dedicated supporters who are crucial to sustaining their long-term goals.

Convoy relies on generous volunteers for everything from packing parties at its headquarters to community disaster response to overseas short-term projects.

Next Steps: Why Your Choice Matters

Choosing to donate to top nonprofit organizations allows you to contribute to societal change and make a real difference in the world.

  • • You might be passionate about health care, education, or environmental conservation.
  • • You might be committed to a cause not listed here.

But when you do your research thoroughly, you have a much better chance of finding a charity that matches your desire to improve the world. 

Remember, even small donations can add up to big changes, especially when they are directed toward effective and efficient organizations.

Engage with the charities you deem to be at the top of their game. Find out more about their work and discover how you can play a part in their ongoing missions.

Your support will help the top charities you identify continue their work, and you will contribute to a legacy of generosity and compassion in tackling the world’s most pressing issues.


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