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Hydration Addresses Hazards in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Reported by Convoy of Hope
Burkina Faso Water Well

Each day in Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 300 million people worry about where they will find clean water. Convoy of Hope is hard at work in places like Burkina Faso, providing sustainable sources of clean water to communities that otherwise would not have access.

Years ago, the people in a small rural community in Burkina Faso dug a well by hand. It was an imperfect solution to the water crisis as animals and insects fell in and contaminated the water. But these weren’t the only issues.

“The big diameter water well is by the school, which is a big hazard as a kid can fall in there,” said Jules Compaore, the National Director of Convoy of Hope Burkina Faso.

Water from the old well (seen above) was susceptible to contamination and a potential safety hazard in the community.

People like Jules helped Convoy of Hope drill a new, safer well to provide clean water. The new well is enclosed, mitigates hazards and contamination, and has a pump for ease of access. It is one of four that Convoy of Hope recently dug in Burkina Faso — each strategically located near the respective community’s school.

In many areas, a lack of safe drinking water is more than a major health concern. This also exacerbates challenges that women and girls face in parts of the world where rights to education, health, and safety are already out of reach.

“Water-related gender norms often deepen vulnerabilities for young girls and women that drastic climate conditions, increasing social tensions, violence against women, and arduous, miles-long treks to wells already magnify,” Fortunate Zondo of Convoy of Hope’s Global Program team said. “The issue of clean water access is a pervasive one that disproportionately impacts the lives of young girls and women even further.”

With reliable access to safe drinking water, the women and girls who would otherwise be tasked with fetching water can spend more time working, learning, playing, and caring for loved ones.

“At last, we have clean water!” a woman exclaimed after she arrived at the well. 

“It will improve their lives,” said Jules, adding that he and several villagers intend to use water from their new well to start a community garden.

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