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Protect yourself and your loved ones during a disaster.

Preparedness is vital for millions of people at risk of being affected by a disaster. With proper preparation, you can provide peace of mind and an extra measure of protection for you and your household.

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Disaster Preparedness Can Save Lives

Simple Steps: Disaster Preparedness Can Save Lives

With tornadic activity ramping up across the midwest and the Atlantic hurricane season beginning in less than two weeks, Convoy of Hope is monitoring weather conditions and preparing for another active storm season.


Take the Challenge!

Use this checklist to build your Disaster Preparedness Kit and Convoy will send you additional resources about preparing for a disaster.

Storing your family preparedness kit.

Store your family preparedness kit in a cool, dry location in your home. Pack items into clean, sturdy totes.
Remember to keep your kit up to date with the latest documents, unexpired food, and relevant weather attire.

Phase 1 — Water
Disruption to water supply systems after a disaster is very common. Preparing for a supply outage or shortage should be a high priority.
Phase 2 — Canned, Packaged & Comfort Food
After some disasters, grocery stores are destroyed or do not have electricity to operate. Having your own supply of food is essential.
Phase 3 — Warmth, Visibility & Connection
Pack these essentials to ensure that you can survive the first hours and days after a disaster.
Phase 4 — Clean Air, First Aid & Personal Hygiene
These items will help you care for yourself and your family after a disaster.
Phase 5 — Special Items
Being able to care for your finances, livelihood and pets is key to disaster preparedness.

Who we are

When disasters strike, Convoy is there to help.

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Convoy of Hope is among the first to respond to disasters. Highly regarded for scalable and effective distribution, Convoy is committed to being a positive force during disaster emergencies and crises. 

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