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One Day to Empower Women: Church Resources

Convoy of Hope’s One Day to Empower Women is a simple way for you to transform the lives of women and girls. This powerful campaign levels the playing field by asking equal sacrifice, not equal giving.

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Women’s Empowerment Overview

Learn about the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment program and the difference it makes for women around the world.

One Day to Empower Women Promo Video

Learn about One Day to Empower Women and how it changes women’s lives all over the world.

Violeta’s Story

Violeta and her husband struggled to feed their children. Now, her poultry business has radically changed that.

Melissa – Cosmetology School

When her husband left, Melissa needed a way to provide for her family. She found it through training from Convoy.

Liliana & Angela – Seamstress Business

Liliana and Angela joined Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program and their lives were changed.

Gloria – Culinary Business

Gloria’s life was radically changed after she received training through Convoy of Hope.

Sophie’s Story

From tragedy to triumph, Sophie’s story is an incredible example of dedication, passion, and hope.

Esther’s Story

Married at 16, Esther’s options for her future were very limited. But with a little help, she has changed everything.

Women’s Empowerment Snapshots

See how the lives of women around the world have been changed through the Women’s Empowerment program.

Women’s Empowerment Snapshot – Bookstore

With training and seed capital, Angela opened a bookstore in her community.

Women’s Empowerment Snapshot – Fruit Stand

With her newfound self-confidence, Sylvia learned to value herself and now runs a successful fruit stand in her community.

Women’s Empowerment Snapshot – Seamstress

Alba’s mother was a seamstress. Through the Women’s Empowerment program, she has found a way to carry her mother’s legacy on.

Women’s Empowerment Snapshot – Food Stand

Emma’s earnings have tripled since she was trained and equipped by Convoy of Hope.

Generous Strangers

Your church’s investment in the lives of women will change lives forever.

Paula’s Story

After contracting COVID-19, Paula needed a fresh start. Her chicken business now supports her and her family.