Response Updates

I Am Syria

Reported by Convoy of Hope

“I am Syria” is a powerful statement, especially coming from elementary school students in Charlotte, North Carolina. But that’s what the kids at the school wanted to do — make a statement.

Fourth and fifth graders at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary studied the refugee crisis and decided they wanted to do something to help kids who seemed just like them, but are facing the despair of living inside a humanitarian crisis.

“We try to focus on how we can do good for others,” says Nicole Nederlk, a teacher at the school. “It’s important for the kids to know what they’re giving toward.”

The kids raised money and wore green on a designated day to show their support. More than $500 was donated for Convoy of Hope’s response in the Middle East and Europe.

“I used to only care about myself,” says Danaiyah, a student at Nathaniel Alexander. “But now I know the importance of helping others.”

Jamie Waldron, outreach director for Elevation Church, helps out at the school in the food pantry and coordinates events. She recently witnessed Convoy’s work in Lebanon, so Jamie encouraged the kids to give the money they raised to Convoy of Hope. She showed them a video of the kids they would be helping.

“Some of the kids at Nathaniel Alexander don’t have much,” Waldron says. “But when they saw kids [on the video] that couldn’t go to school or didn’t have beds at all, they were moved to help.”

We’re thankful for children who are practicing compassion at such a young age. Because of them, we can bring hope and help to refugee children around the world.