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How One Volunteer Helped Provide More Than 200 Million Meals

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope’s transportation team, by unanimous decision, recently awarded Dan Rhodes with the 2020 Key to Compassion award for his service throughout the COVID-19 response.

Last year, Convoy delivered more than 200 million meals to people impacted by the pandemic. Dan was one of the volunteers who made this response possible. He delivered 39 tractor-trailer loads to people in need — driving approximately 75,000 miles — just because the need was there.

Throughout the past 11 years, Dan has volunteered with Convoy of Hope in numerous ways.

“We started going on Tuesday nights and helping out at Hands of Hope, packaging things, and that was great — a valuable thing that needs to be done,” Dan said. “I wanted to get more involved, so I started volunteering in the warehouse, running the forklift. That was great too!”

No matter how much he did, Dan was always looking for ways to do more.

“I found out they needed truck drivers. I really hadn’t driven a truck since 1982, so it’s been a long time,” Dan said. But he didn’t let that stop him. Adding study time to his usual volunteer hours, Dan made quick work of his commercial driving exams.

“I got my CDL again and started driving. I’ve been doing that now for, I think about 8 years. I love it. I love the ministry, I love Convoy of Hope, what they stand for, and what they do.”

Dan has driven into disaster zones, rural towns, and countless other places on the map. Anywhere he can bring hope in a tractor-trailer, he is quick to jump in.

“Even though it’s heartbreaking to see all of the devastation and the loss that people go through, it’s just about serving others and that’s what we both love doing,” Dan said. “The whole organization is awesome. It’s very fulfilling to be able to serve this way.”

We are incredibly grateful for volunteers like Dan who make it possible for us to deliver hope in every storm.


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