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Convoy Delivers Relief to Typhoon In-Fa Survivors

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope

August 10, 2021 | 12 p.m.

PHILIPPINES – Although Typhoon In-Fa did not make landfall directly over the island nation of the Philippines, the impact it had on the Southwest Monsoon caused widespread flooding, landslides, and storm surges. Convoy of Hope is currently responding in affected areas.

Floodwaters from Typhoon In-Fa run through a community in the Philippines.

Typhoon In-Fa threatened to pass over the Philippines, then lost momentum and made landfall as a tropical cyclone 675 miles northeast of the island nation’s most densely populated areas — enhancing the annual Southwest Monsoon. Because of this, Tropical Cyclone In-Fa indirectly caused widespread damage across the Philippines and displaced tens of thousands.

The Southwest Monsoon (known locally as Habagat) is a recurrent weather event in the Philippines — occurring usually between June and October, and marked by extended periods of precipitation. Farmers and others in agricultural communities often welcome the monsoon because of its positive effect on crops; however, circumstances like those in recent weeks, can cause the monsoon to be detrimental or deadly.

In-Fa’s presence added meteorological factors that supercharged the monsoon. The torrential rains destroyed homes and crops, caused power outages, triggered landslides, and closed several ports across the nation.

Convoy of Hope’s team in the Philippines was quick to respond, packing and distributing relief supplies as soon as it was safe to do so. The team plans to continue distributions across areas impacted by the supercharged monsoon, including the Zambales and Central Luzon districts. 

Thanks to Convoy of Hope’s donors, volunteers, and other supporters, teams will continue providing help and hope in the Philippines, despite the destruction Tropical Cyclone In-Fa and the Southwest Monsoon left behind. To contribute to Convoy’s disaster response efforts, click here.


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