Response Updates

Surviving Hurricane Michael

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Glenn and Elnora were huddled in small closet of their home as Hurricane Michael ripped off part of their roof and left their bedroom completely exposed. Trees fell everywhere and rain poured into their home as the storm drew on.

As the eye passed over their area, things calmed down. Glenn and Elnora ran to their car, hoping to make it to their church down the road before the second half of the storm struck. As they got in their car, a huge gust of wind blew them into a ditch in front of their house. Rain began pouring into the vehicle, but they were scared to get out of the car as power lines came down and the storm resurged.

The couple rode out the second half of the storm from their car, but remained safe. However, the church they had planned to go to was completely destroyed.

“I’ve been here all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Glenn says. “Not this strong of a hurricane. We went through Opal, we went through the rest of them — they’re not like this. Would I stay again? No.”

We Won’t Give Up

The couple is taking recovery one day at a time. They remain without power, water or cell service — unable to get ahold of their kids to make sure they’re okay. However, they remain hopeful, with some supplies from Convoy of Hope and their community coming together to lift each other up.

“We’ll start afresh,” says Glenn. “We never have given up, so we won’t give up now.”

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