Response Updates

Staying Power in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Reported by Convoy of Hope

“The entire roof blew from right over our heads,” Ryan Forbes said. Ryan and his community felt the full force of Hurricane Dorian when it struck the Bahamas in 2019. He recalled feeling the walls shake and hearing a locomotive sound while sheltering from the hurricane. “After a while, even the walls left from around us.”

Dorian, the worst natural disaster in the island nation’s history, claimed more than 70 lives and caused an estimated $3.4 billion in damage.

Although Hurricane Dorian struck more than two years ago, Convoy of Hope continues to provide help to those affected by the storm.

Long-term sustainability has always been part of Convoy’s post-disaster work. If a community needs what Convoy’s teams can offer, they will continue working to provide relief.


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