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Relief in the Philippines in Wake of Typhoon Hagupit

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December 8, 2014 | 11:30 a.m.

As Typhoon Hagupit exits the Philippines, cleanup from the storm’s aftermath begins. The rains are still falling over many of the islands, with 10-15 inches of rain expected. Flooding is severe in many areas, including Lucena, where one of our Philippine Women’s Empowerment initiatives is based.

“Our team is working to deliver relief supplies to the women in our program,” says Raul Manuel, Philippines National Director. “Food and construction supplies are badly needed for distribution.”

Property damage from strong winds has rendered many homeless, especially in hard-hit areas of Delores, Leyte, Samar, and Tacloban, where the typhoon first made landfall. Roads are still blocked with fallen debris with many areas still left to survey.

Several of the homes recently constructed by Convoy of Hope have suffered major damage, but as the typhoon approached, our team was fast at work — staging food and supplies.

“Residents will have a steady food supply,” says Chris Dudley, Disaster Services Response Director. “We are working to ensure that those who need food are fed.”

December 7, 2014 | 1:30 p.m.

A little more than a year ago, our Disaster Services team deployed to the Philippines to bring emergency food, water, and supplies to tens of thousands of families who were reeling from Super Typhoon Haiyan. In the following months, our team built and repaired homes for dozens of impoverished families who had lost everything during Haiyan.

Unfortunately, this past weekend, another typhoon (Hagupit) made landfall in areas where we did much recovery work this past year. Our in-country teams report that many of the homes we worked on and built took direct hits from this most recent typhoon.

“Our Tacloban reconstructed homes were in the path of the typhoon and we know several got destroyed,” says Raul Manuel, Philippines National Director for Convoy of Hope. “Food and water is badly needed.”

Manuel adds that Hagupit brought heavy rains and flooding to vulnerable areas inhabited by thousands of impoverished residents. Many families have sought safety in evacuation centers. In many areas, electricity and communications are down.

Our teams are deploying to the Philippines and our in-country teams have already begun distributing food.

“Our in-country team is working diligently to bring relief to families,” says Chris Dudley, Disaster Services Response Director. “As soon as flights and shipping lanes open we will have emergency supplies and food in the hands of desperate families.”


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