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Not Forgotten: Responding to Disasters Worldwide

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Every day can feel like it contains a year’s worth of news. And though certain disasters might not be in the headlines anymore, hundreds of thousands of people are still living in the aftermath. Through your generosity, Convoy of Hope continues to respond with food, water, and necessary supplies to people impacted by great loss. You are making a lasting difference.

Here are just a few of the active responses Convoy of Hope is a part of.

  • Tropical Storm Dante — Also known as Choi-Wan, this storm made landfall on the island of Samar in the Philippines on June 1. Hundreds of families who were in crisis now have bags of groceries thanks to Convoy of Hope and the organization’s in-country partners.

    “I would like to thank you for helping hundreds of families with food supplies here,” said a Convoy of Hope field partner. “This will be a great help for our community leaders and people who are the most needy.”
  • Refugee Crisis — In Ceuta, Spain, the ongoing crisis has people living in survival mode. Local team members conducted distributions in two separate locations. The majority of the refugees served were men and boys between the ages of 10 to 25. Some have been in Ceuta as long as four years, while others have only been there for a month.

    “The needs and opportunities in Ceuta are great. After the distribution, the [Convoy] team began to brainstorm ways to continue to assist with empowerment initiatives,” said a partner.

Convoy of Hope also continues to offer hope in India as the pandemic and two cyclones have left civilians reeling.

  • Cyclones Tauktae & Ana — Some 640,000 homes sustained extreme or partial damage after cyclones Tauktae and Ana. Roads and other public infrastructures were also impacted. Because of your generosity, Convoy of Hope has secured funding to provide food baskets to approximately 1,200 families to eat for the next three months.

    “Convoy of Hope was generous in helping with food packs for the people whose crops were wiped out by those two cyclones. When we showed up with the food, there was great rejoicing and a lot of heartfelt thanks,” said one field partner.

COVID-19 Crisis — Hundreds of thousands of people in India have died from COVID-19, and millions more continue to struggle with the disease. Convoy has sent 70 concentrators and 2,000 oximeters to the region to help with the massive influx in COVID-19 cases.

“We bought food packs for 30 families in one of the COVID-19 lockdown containment zones,” said one Convoy of Hope partner. “Even on my way to deliver those food packs, we had people waving us down and begging for food.”

Regardless of what dominates headlines, Convoy continues to offer long-term relief in many disaster areas. Resources flow in and out to those in dire situations on a daily basis. Thank you for partnering with us. To support our disaster responses, click here.


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