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Joplin Is Rising Up

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By Jason Inman

Today, a Convoy of Hope photographer and I had the opportunity to make the 75 mile trek from Springfield to Joplin, Missouri, as the city prepares to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the devastating tornado that struck on May 22, 2011. Where there once was a path of destruction left by the tornado, businesses and neighborhoods are rising up.

Among the reconstructed houses are 10 homes built (two more on the way) by Convoy of Hope and our partners. We were able to spend good time visiting with a couple of the homeowners and they shared their gratitude for how Convoy of Hope has impacted their lives. We’ve been working in Joplin since the day the tornado hit, and we’ve been documenting these homes since they were nothing but cleared lots. It’s nothing short of moving to stand in the newly built living room of thankful homeowner Doug as he thumbs through photos of what was his destroyed home.

As the two-year anniversary gets closer we will share more stories and photos and video right here at The Hope Supply.


At Convoy of Hope, we love our #Volunteers! A special thanks to our neighbors in Republic, Missouri, for recently helping assemble 2,000 bags of groceries and 3,000 hygiene kits to deliver to people in need.