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Hope Persists Despite Displacement

Burkina Faso Reported by Convoy of Hope

“We didn’t take anything from home,” Mrs. Ouedrago* recounted. “We left our village because of the terrorist attacks.”

The Ouedrago family fled their village at night to escape the violence erupting around them. Extremists had come into their town and killed indiscriminately. Young boys who resisted them were killed. After the local school was burned, the Ouedrago children were forced to abandon their education.

In the process of fleeing, the family left their belongings and livestock behind. They quietly snuck out of their village and walked all night in fear. They traveled 46 miles on foot to a location in the Centre-Nord Region, where other displaced families had gathered.

Once Mr. Ouedrago knew his wife and children were safe, he left to find work in another city. The rest of the family live in a makeshift camp with other families. Here, Convoy of Hope provides them with essential food and hygiene supplies.

“The problems we have encountered are many,” said Mrs. Ouedrago. “We survive thanks to the donations of people of good will.”

The attacks in Burkina Faso have displaced more than one million people. Individuals who now reside in camps for displaced families often struggle to find employment, education, health services, and food security.

For people like Mrs. Ouedrago and her family, hope comes in the form of food parcels, hygiene items, and other essentials. Together, Convoy of Hope has provided more than 260,000 meals to people in need there. Thank you for joining us in our mission.

*Names have been changed for the safety of those involved.


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