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The Haiti Earthquake: Our Journey With the Haitian People

Haiti Reported by Convoy of Hope
The Haitian people are the prefect example of perseverance with joy.

Today, as the world marks the 5th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands and caused mass devastation, we take note of the incredible journey Convoy of Hope has taken with the Haitian people.


On that fateful day in 2010, Kevin Rose, Senior Director for International Programs, was on a trip to Haiti that started like any other. Convoy of Hope had already begun a feeding program in the country and was feeding around 25,000 children; Rose was in Haiti to monitor the program.

“Our feeding program was in its infancy, but of course the events of January 12 changed that,” says Rose, recalling the day of the earthquake.


In fact, the events of that day not only changed the lives of the Haitian people, it also shaped the trajectory of Convoy of Hope. Immediately after the strong tremors shook the island nation, Rose and a few others were in the streets assessing the insurmountable damage and beginning what would become one of the biggest disaster response efforts in Convoy of Hope’s history.


Because of strong alliances with partners and organizations, Convoy was one of the first humanitarian aid groups to distribute food to earthquake survivors. Within weeks, Convoy distributed millions of meals and installed water purification units in some of the hardest hit areas of Port-au-Prince.

Convoy has been on the ground and has continued work in Haiti ever since. Through the budding Children’s Feeding initiative in Haiti, Convoy of Hope now feeds more than 62,000 children. That’s more than 37,000 more than were being fed before the earthquake!

Convoy has also piloted an Agricultural initiative in Haiti, where farmers are taught the skills they need to produce crops that yield significant returns. The farmers can feed their families and provide food to our Children’s Feeding initiative.


The good news doesn’t stop there. Along with generous partner Mission of Hope Haiti, Convoy of Hope has built a new 30,000 square-foot warehouse just outside Port-au-Prince. The new facility makes Convoy’s work more efficient in preparation for natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.


“To be a part of the transformation and healing of the Haitian people has truly been a humbling experience for us as an organization,” says Convoy of Hope President Hal Donaldson. “Thanks to the many individuals and partners who have supported our efforts over the last five years, we’ve saved lives and brought hope to tens of thousands of hurting people.”


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