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Nicholas Opted to Give to Ukraine From Disney Trip Fund

Ukraine Reported by Convoy of Hope
Nicholas chose to give to Ukraine instead of going to Disney.

After two years of saving for a trip to Disney, Nicholas chose to give the money he saved to Convoy of Hope’s Ukraine war response.

The war in Ukraine has moved many to extravagant generosity, including 7-year-old Nicholas Stanley. Like many people, the war in Ukraine deeply moved Nicholas. So off came the Disney ears from his mason jar. Instead, he added a hand-drawn Ukrainian flag.

“I hope my money helps them,” Nicholas said. “Because they aren’t at home anymore and they need help.”

The fire and passion of a young boy to give to Ukraine — all $266.30 in his jar — has set other hearts ablaze.

Nicholas chose to give to Ukraine instead of going to Disney.
Nicholas Stanley and Children’s Pastor Robyn Geisler, pose with the jar that he repurposed to collect money for Convoy’s response to the war in Ukraine.

“It has encouraged all our people,” said Pastor Mark English of Christian Life Church in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the congregation Nicholas is a part of has raised nearly $100,000 for Convoy of Hope’s response to the war in Ukraine.

“It’s been neat to watch,” said Robyn Geisler, Nicholas’ children’s pastor. “As a result, people have stepped up to give back to Nicholas! There has been a ripple effect.”

After Nicholas chose to give, three individuals stepped forward. Nicholas, his foster sister, and their foster mom are all Disney-bound.

“The heart of a child being generous inspires so many,” said Robyn. “That’s what we are seeing here with this story. It just shows how desperate we are for hope, and the gift of a child has the potential to change the hearts and lives of many.”

To join Nicholas in supporting Convoy of Hope’s response, click here.

About Convoy of Hope’s Response in Ukraine

Convoy of Hope has provided emergency relief in the form of food, water, sheltering supplies, and other necessities to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

Whether by land, air, or sea, relief supplies are being delivered to strategic hubs spread across eight European countries. Relief supplies are quickly processed and sent off for distribution to people in and outside of Ukraine.

To watch a news report featuring Nicholas’ compassion in action, click here.


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