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Disaster Responses Continue Around the World

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While Convoy of Hope responds to disasters in major headlines, like Hurricane Ida and the recent earthquake in Haiti, simultaneous disaster responses continue around the world. 

Convoy is responding to multiple disasters around the world, including COVID-19 in multiple countries, flooding in Guyana, and volcanic eruptions in St. Vincent and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Additional long-term responses to disasters like Hurricane Dorian continue as Convoy of Hope works to create positive community change years after the disaster took place.

“We continue to help people around the world,” said Nick Wiersma of Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team. “Thank you for thinking of us. And we’re going to continue to serve people wherever we can.” 


For 11 years, we’ve been proud to partner with #MSCA and it’s compassionate employees. Recently, MSCA gave back in a big way by packing thousands of hygiene kits during their annual conference in @_Scottsdale.