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Convoy Brings Extended Hope to Montana Communities

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flooding near Yellowstone Wyoming

June 21, 2022 | 4:40 p.m.

Convoy of Hope is sending food, water, and cleaning supplies to Montana after flooding in Yellowstone National Park.

Rising water levels are washing away roads, bridges, and houses. Consequently, this is enacting damage on the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. In some parts of the state, the water levels have broken records, making the event a 500-year flood.

After team members prepared supplies on Friday, two trucks departed from Convoy’s World Distribution Center. One headed to Livingston, Montana, and the other drove to Red Lodge, Montana.

Both of these areas are experiencing immense need. But local churches are partnering with Convoy to provide hope in every storm.

Right now, drinking water is one of the biggest needs as it is not readily available in flooded areas. 

Unlike disasters in places often affected by weather, events like this leave people unprepared or under-resourced. This is where Convoy steps in to help, providing long-term relief as people recover.

Convoy of Hope will continue to meet immediate needs through methods of distribution that work best for each community. To join the team of partners and donors who make this response possible, click here.

June 16, 2022 | 4:25 p.m.

Convoy of Hope is responding to the massive flooding near Yellowstone, the nation’s oldest national park. Two trucks loaded with food, water, and relief supplies are being sent from Convoy’s World Distribution Center to Livingston and Red Lodge, Montana. 

“Convoy is working with local churches and organizations to get immediate relief to those in need,” said Ethan Forhetz, Convoy of Hope’s National Spokesperson. “We want to make sure the people affected know they aren’t forgotten.”

Days of rain and rapid snowmelt caused the Yellowstone River to flood in parts of southern Montana and northern Wyoming. The incredible force of the water has washed out roads and destroyed bridges. The rapids even lifted houses off their foundations and sent them floating downstream.

“The images of the flooding near Yellowstone show how devastating these disasters can be,” said Stacy Lamb, Convoy’s Senior Director of U.S. Disaster Services. “People’s homes are ruined, and their lives are upside down right now. We will continue to respond, as needed, in the coming days.”

Photo Above: Residents of Red Lodge, Montana, are seen clearing mud, water and debris from the small city’s main street on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, after flood waters courses through a residential area with hundreds of homes. (AP Photo/Matthew Brown)


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