Response Updates

Convoy of Hope Ready To Respond During Hurricane Season

Reported by Convoy of Hope

When the reg flags go up, Convoy of Hope is on the ground and ready to help. For this work, being prepared is crucial.

“Having the resources in our distribution center at all times … food, water, [and] hygiene items … we have them ready to go so we can get them in the trucks and on the road,” said Stacy Lamb, Convoy of Hope’s Senior Director of U.S. Disaster Services. “We have both our staff and lead volunteers around the nation trained and ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Convoy of Hope has refined its response to disasters since 1998 — the first year the organization responded to a storm. Since then, Convoy of Hope has secured at least two of the much-needed equipment items that help in these responses. This equipment has been critical, especially when more than one disaster is happening in different parts of the country.

Convoy of Hope is in constant communication with partners on the ground prior to a disaster, and when a storm rolls in, teams are on standby and ready to move in quickly. The Convoy of Hope Disaster Services team also closely monitors weather around the globe, keeping up to date on potential natural disasters.

“We couldn’t do anything without the generous support that we have from our donors throughout the country and across the world. Thank you for all you do to help us do what we do,” Stacy said.

Convoy of Hope strives to bring hope in every storm, but the work would not be possible without donors — both large and small — giving during disasters and year-round.


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