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A Shared Experience: Joplin & Moore

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

By Kirk Noonan

Yesterday, we made our way into the heart of the destructive path the Moore tornado left in its wake. Even if you’ve seen damage from an EF5 tornado, it’s still very unsettling. Where the damage was most significant, we walked upon cars that were crushed by the winds like they were aluminum cans and found slabs of concrete where homes once stood.

Talking with survivors, volunteers, and even our own Disaster Response team, one question kept coming up: “Is this like it was in Joplin?” The comparisons to the May 22, 2011 Joplin tornado are certainly warranted and undoubtedly timely.

It was two years ago today that the EF5 tornado plowed through the heart of Joplin, destroying thousands of structures and taking more than 160 lives. Just like the current response in Moore, we were in Joplin within hours lending a helping hand to the people there so it’s hard not to think of Joplin as we assist Moore in the recovery process.

Two years and 225 miles apart, the Joplin and Moore tornadoes will be forever linked by circumstance. But they will also forever be linked by Convoy of Hope and the gracious people who have joined us to help these communities in their times of need. What incredible shared experiences we can all be a part of.


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