Change Her Story

Help Change Her Story

Through the Change Her Story Challenge, your spare coins will help bring strength and dignity to women and girls.

Real Impact

Your change makes the difference.

We had a one-hour virtual ladies event using the Change Her Story materials, videos, slides, and information. Since then, we have raised more than $3,000!

Janice Olson
Pastor of Bethel Church

The Change Her Story Challenge was a powerful tool that resonated with every generation at our church. This truly was a win-win. It was a very easy way to make a difference at the end of every workday, as well as an opportunity to clean up the spare change stashed in our homes!

Laura Lee
Pastor of Church Alive

Follow these steps to Change Her Story.

1. Fill out the form to let us know you are interested.
2. Someone from our team will contact you.
3. Leading up to the launch:
  • Fill out the form to order jar stickers, jar lid inserts, materials, and flyers.
  • Collect used jars or purchase new ones.
  • Show Women’s Empowerment videos or the Change Her Story Challenge video to your circle of friends.
  • Share worldwide stats of women and girls and how Convoy of Hope is working to provide solutions.
4. Announce the start and end dates of the campaign.
  • Great times to do the campaign are Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, a winter campaign (September through December), or a summer project (June through August).
5. Collect coins and allow participants to refill jars throughout the campaign. Send one check to Convoy of Hope with “CHS” in the memo line.


Explore Change Her Story resources.

Use these resources to support your Change Her Story Challenge.

Digital/Print Resources


Women’s Empowerment Videos

Women’s Empowerment Overview

Take a minute to see what Convoy:Women is all about.


From a childhood of abuse to a successful business owner, Janet has transformed her life.


As the owner of a thriving salon, Erika looks back at the difficult path that led her to a new life.


Single mother, Sitota, decided to keep the child she was carrying and learned to support herself.


After her husband passed away, Teru joined Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program.


Everyday, she’s up before the sunrise to open her business. Now Matilda and her son are thriving.


Married at 16, Esther’s options for her future were very limited. But with a little help, she has changed everything.