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How Jules Helped Feed His Village

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope

“Life in the village is very tough,” Jules Compaore said. Growing up in Burkina Faso, food was often scarce.

“I remember … being in school and knowing that I did well in my math or did well in geography, and thinking, ‘Yeah, but what am I going to eat tonight?’ Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes, you go home and your mom would give you some grain to just chew before you go to bed. The next day, guess what — you’re going to do it again.”

Years later, Jules decided that he wanted to do something to help kids growing up like he did. He realized the link between hunger and hopelessness and took it upon himself to conquer both in his village.

Jules started a children’s feeding program. He described the stress of the endeavor as a “very, very heavy load.” However, after partnering with Convoy of Hope, he saw his efforts multiplied. The load was lifted, as were the spirits of the children in his village.

Now, thousands of children in communities across Burkina Faso receive full meals on a regular basis. This takes place because of Jules and people like you, who partner with Convoy of Hope and support our mission to feed the world.


Thank you so much for volunteering your time to @ConvoyofHope! What a blessing!